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Why Choose Us

ASW Global Training & Consultancy prides itself to announce the creation of its new legacy of the highest standards and professional services to the aviation industry specializing specifically in the transportation of 'Dangerous Goods' by Air, globally.

With the aim of reaching out to the wider sector of professional training across the globe and due to the current industry demand, ASW Global Training & Consultancy was founded in Australia to provide its quality services to the Australian aviation industries.

ASW Global Training & Consultancy carries Airline practical experience spanning over 12 years including handling of all types of cargo including Dangerous Goods.

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We have established strong foundations within the Air Transport sector and are able to provide professional training and consultancy for packing, documentation, storage, handling, including logistics of moving dangerous goods, safely and efficiently.

Learn from one of the Best in Dangerous Goods Training

We have trained more than 1500 students in dangerous good training from all over the world. With a strong focus in student satisfaction, we have continued to empower our student to upgrade themselves in the aviation industry.

Here are some of the testimonials from students

Dear Mustafa
First of all it was a real pleasure meeting you. Secondly without a doubt no one can fail, with the way how you facilitate, explain, support and clarify all the doubts that arise. Thank you very much for your patience, it was truly a privilege to be trained by you…Thank you once again.

Best regards
Ally Al Kindy

Dear Mustafa,
Hope you are well and had a pleasant flight back home. It was a pleasure meeting you during these 5 days in Geneva. Your expertise, knowledge and understanding towards us was exceptional and I look forward to catching up with you to have a coffee or kebab

Kind Regards,
Armen Hadzic

Dear instructor,
Please many thanks for your kind opened mind , this was my first time after 8 years of practicing DG that I deeply understood all aspects . Hope to meet you soon.

Many thanks,
Jean Charles

Dear Mr. Mustafa,
many thanks also for your patience and for your professionalism. I learned a lot of useful things to apply in my field of work and for sure I will use them in the future.May you have all the best returns in the future and I hope will meet again in the future.

George Rosca

Dear Mustafa,
First of all, I would like to thank you for your kind remarks. I am pleased to meet and know you personally. Your positive and encouraging approach was the most stunning and foregoing teaching aid for us.
As an English teacher I can assure you that, instructor training job is more than pouring information to individuals but setting up a model instructor which will be guideline throughout each person’s careers You engraved in our minds it’s sunny out there for us and for our future students.
Hope to meet you sometime somewhere.

Sevket Battal

Dear Mustafa,
It is of great pleasure to know you and I am very impressed with your in depth knowledge on Lithium batteries. I hope to meet you again in IATA SIN for future courses. I would like to thank you for the guidance and exceptional knowledge which you shared with the class. Although, it was only a one day session, it was very fruitful and I benefited greatly from the session.

Adrian Foo

Dear Mustafa,
Many thanks for so professional training conduction! It was great pleasure to work with YOU these 3 days. Hope to meet with you other time. Many BSRGDS !!

Yours sincerely.

Dear Mustafa,
I really appreciate your great enthusiasm, efforts with us, and the good experiences we had together. Looking forward to seeing you again in the recurrent training course. All best wishes for you.

Yours sincerely.
Ms. Bui Do Quyen

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