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CASR Group B / IATA Category 4 & 7 - Acceptance of Non-Dangerous Goods Cargo

CASR Group A Full Acceptance

Purpose of the course

The purpose of this training course is to provide the skills and knowledge to distinguish whether goods are classified as dangerous or non-dangerous goods and accept the non-dangerous goods into the air freight environment

Content of the course

  • Interpreting the current IATA DGR manual and the Australian legislation
  • Recognition of hidden dangerous goods
  • General applicability
  • Shippers and operators responsibilities
  • Provision of passenger and crew.
  • Identifying cargo which could be hazardous material
  • Classification and identification of dangerous goods
  • Marking, and labeling requirements
  • Storage, loading and segregation
  • Ground emergency procedures

Duration of Course

One days (8 hours)



Who Should Attend

  • Airline operators, freight forwarders, ground handling agents and general aviation employees (e.g. accepting non-dangerous goods cargo, etc)

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