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mustafa mustafa iata accredited

The man behind this new foundation is a professional who is accomplished in all aspects of safety related issues with a background in Chemical Engineering.

Mustafa Mustafa has gained extensive experience in Airline, Ground Operations and handling of all types of cargo including 'Dangerous Goods'. His long standing and diverse qualifications have provided him with a comprehensive understanding of the operational issues facing the airport manager in this currently highly specialized and demanding sphere within the aviation industry.

As a qualified and experienced Ground Operations, Airline Post Holder over a substantial length of time and a General Civil Aviation Authority recognized and authorized Dangerous Goods consultant, he has further enhanced his diverse qualifications resulting in the establishment of strong foundations enabling him to reach successful heights within the Air Transport field. Mustafa provides professional training and consultancy for packing, documentation, storage, handling, including logistics of moving dangerous goods, safely and efficiently.

Mustafa is a highly experienced specialist in all aspects related to airlines Ground Operations, Airport activities, freight accepting/forwarding procedures including acceptance and handling of all classes of 'Dangerous Goods' in accordance with the current standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Mustafa is currently holding Government approvals from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority CASA, Federal Office of Civil Aviation FOCA in Switzerland in recognition of the Category 6 Instructor for Dangerous Goods, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore CAAS and previously by the General Civil Aviation Authority GCAA in the United Arab Emirates.

Being contracted by the International Air Transport Association IATA, Mustafa has conducted and continues to contentiously deliver training courses to numerous countries around the globe, including Afghanistan, Turkey, Canada, Australia, Geneva, Dubai, Santa Maria in Portugal, Mongolia, Uganda, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Erbil in Iraq, Madagascar, Nigeria, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Rwanda and Sudan in Africa to name but a few.

These courses have been offered to different competent authorities, airlines, freight forwarders, shippers, packers, agents, ground handlers and other organizations such as the United Nations employees.

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