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    We're the Australian leaders when it comes to quality training for the transport of Dangerous Goods by Air

    Welcome to ASW Global Training & Consultancy where we specialize in providing the highest quality training and consultancy services around the globe.

    ASW Global Training & Consultancy is an Australian based company located in Queensland. The company carries the approval of the Australian Competent Authority (CASA) to conduct Dangerous Goods training courses .

    The company services' main priority is to promote and enhance all aspects of safety practices and regulations within the aviation industry by promoting the company's core values and goals encapsulated in the statement:


    ASW Global Training & Consultancy offers a variety of dangerous goods training courses, face-to-face and in-company trainings. The company is offering courses at super low and competitive fees. Click here for more details about pricing and venues.



    Our Student Stories

    Dear Mustafa,
    It is our utmost pleasure to be trained by you sir. You make everything so clear, understandable and give us hope. I look forward to very many more meetings with you. Thank you and all the very best in the future"

    Gerald Obol

    Dear Mustafa,
    It is of great pleasure to know you and I am very impressed with your in depth knowledge on Lithium batteries. I hope to meet you again in Singapore for future courses. I would like to thank you for the guidance and exceptional knowledge which you shared with the class.

    Although, it was only a one day session, it was very fruitful and I benefited greatly from the session."

    Adrian Foo